We are a passionate young group of entrepreneurs from United States that wanted to deliver the ultimate fun and relaxation. We’ve been on the search for the most comfortable air lounger on the market, and after multiple prototypes we finally found the PERFECT design that not only created ultimate comfort, but was durable, lightweight and compact so that ANYONE can bring it on any adventure whether it was to the beach, lake, pool, festivals, camping, even hiking in the mountains.

Our team of experts, from different fields, created the Chillax so that it can guarantee highest quality standards in our products by making a perfect symbiosis of material, technology, functionality and design. Due to it’s quality, lightweight design and ability to inflate in seconds with no air pump, we were confident that everyone will LOVE IT.

The Chillax team is dedicated to every customer and you, your friends or your family will surely ENJOY! We hope that your Chillax will be a essential item whenever you will go out.