Green Lounger

Discover how to enjoy your adventures at maximum

Whether you go to a music festival, a pool party, in the park, camping, or even skiing you have to take your Chillax with you! This awesome product lets you hangout in total comfort and offers you other possibilities too. 

No air pump needed, lightweight, easy to inflate and it also comes with a carry bag, a securing stake and a bottle opener! It even floats on water, making it the perfect pool lounger.

Most Relaxing Air Lounger, your new favourite travelling accessory:
- THE INNOVATIVE headrest design increases comfort and relaxation, queen size, a securing stake and anchor loop to prevent unwanted sliding.
THE NEW SPECIAL DESIGN is built with 3 different stitched side pockets (1 for your bottle, 1 for your phone/tablet, 1 for your favourite book).
DESIGNED to handle the world’s toughest terrain, the Chillax is usable on any surface such as grass, sand, rocky terrain, even water, making it your perfect beach accessory.
The MULTI-LAYERED MATERIAL is lightweight, easy to clean, water resistant, odourless and has a increased durability.
QUICK and EASY to inflate, no need for air pump, no need to blow up air.

Our Chillax Premium Bundle Contains: 
1) High Quality Inflatable Airbed: to take it with you in all your adventures;
2) Nylon Carry Bag: perfect for storage when the bed is not in use and for easy transport while traveling;
3) Aluminium Stake & Securing Loop: to keep your Chillax Stable and Secure in case of windy days;
4) Bottle Opener to enjoy your soda or beer wherever you go;

What more can you ask? It is the perfect accessory anytime, anywhere!