UltraFlex Sleeping Pad
UltraFlex Sleeping Pad
UltraFlex Sleeping Pad
UltraFlex Sleeping Pad
UltraFlex Sleeping Pad
UltraFlex Sleeping Pad
UltraFlex Sleeping Pad

UltraFlex Sleeping Pad

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Sleep like never before!

WellaX Ultraflex Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad – Inflatable Camping Mat for Backpacking, Traveling and Hiking –Plus Repair Kit'

You’d think after a long day of hiking, most backpackers would be tired enough to pass out face first, right?
In fact, many hikers struggle with getting good sleep in the wilderness, even when their bodies are completely exhausted.That’s one of the reasons why owning a top-notch sleeping pad is essential. Sleeping pads provide the comfort your body needs for getting a good night's rest.

But there’s more to it than just comfort.
Sleeping pads are also critical for keeping your body warm. They help insulate you from the cold ground, which makes them very important for safety as well.

Without fail, the conversations over coffee in the morning would always turn to aching backs from that rock or stick or even a clump of dirt that managed to poke through your half inch sleeping pad.

Well, WellaX was listening because it has created the Ultracomfortable Sleeping Pad which will keep you snoozing soundly in the wilderness for many years to come!

Product Specifications:

  • Size variation: X-Large;
  • R-Value: 9.6;
  • Deflated Size: 78” X 27” (198cm X 68cm);
  • Inflated Size: 78” X 27" x 3” (198cm X 68cm X 7.5cm);                                  
  • Fabric: 20D Nylon with TPU Coating; 
  • Inflating method: Self-Inflating.


The Sleeping Pad that makes camping feel luxurious!

UltraFlex and 9.6 R-Value:

At 3" thick, this pad offers both plush thickness and generous size. Great for those that move a lot while sleeping, want the most support, or plan to sleep in cold weather.
With a 9.6 R-Valued, the WellaX Sleeping Pad is sure to keep you extremely warm.

Made to last:

The laminated 20D Rip-stop Nylon and the TPU Layer are waterproof, resistant and they provide a good balance between a lighter weight and durability. The pad also has a preposterous warmth to weight ratio and a more durable bottom layer of fabric, making it clearly one of the best pads on the market.

The WellaX Sleeping Pad is a rare combination of comfort, support, warmth, and weight!

Silent mode ON:

One of the most common complaints among air pad users is the crinkly or squeaky noise they make. This can be especially bothersome to light sleepers that tend to shift around throughout the night.
Lucky for you the WellaX Sleeping Pad is virtually silent, allowing you to move around without waking everybody else up! 

    And we are offering a 1 year warranty for any manufacturer defects !

    What more can you ask? It is the perfect camping accessory !